23 participants in the webinar united by the idea of study of an otherness

by admin on 14.07.2021

23 researchers took part in the virtual webinar hosted by the ESTIDIA Organizing Community, The Editorial Board of IOW project and Rhetoric and Communications Journal.
The Editorial Board of the IOW Dictionary (https://www.iowdictionary.org/) in liaison with ESTIDIA Association (European Society of Transcultural and Interdisciplinary Dialogue http://www.estidia.eu/) organised virtual meeting and brief webinar on July 7 2021 at PM (CET TIME).

The members of the Editorial Board of the IOW Dictionary presented the results of virtual collaboration as follows:
- Paola Giorgi (Italy) talked about philosophy, methodology and the result of IOW project. She focused on the audience and target groups of this kind of scientific ‘products’ shared on the site of online dictionary. Paola emphasized that the unifying word of each publication is the otherness and the presentation of the words in a specific national, socio-cultural, political, media, communicative and scientific context.
- Ivanka Mavrodieva (Bulgaria) presented the results of collaboration concerning the section COVID-19. She concludes that the project has sustainability and the evidence are publications of research. 10 authors from 5 countries published articles about rhetoric and COVID-19 on the site of Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 46, January 2021 (https://rhetoric.bg/, https://journal.rhetoric.bg/journal/). The next activity is CFP “Rhetoric of Otherness” and publications in issue 50, January 2022, Rhetoric and Communications Journal. The initiation was given by The Editorial Board of the IOW Dictionary and The Editorial Board of Rhetoric and Communications Journal.
- Olena Semenets (Ukraine) expressed satisfaction with the opportunity to continue working with colleagues after the ESTIDIA conference in 2019, already at the stage of an international research team. She presented the word ‘patriotism”;
- Bilyana Todorova (Bulgaria) highlighted the role of ESTIDIA and the conferences that the community organizes, team building and the benefit of international collaboration, as well as the need to share methods and research results. She presented the word ‘war”.
- Ioanna Vovou (Greece) presented the benefits of working in an international research team, she highlighted the effectiveness of participating in a virtual scientific community and the methodology used by colleagues. She has shown online the results of the analysis of the words ‘new heroes’ online;
- Victoria Odeniyi focused on collaborations and she clarifies the specifics of this kind of online dictionary from a linguistics standpoint;
- Andrea Valente (Brazil – Canada) explained the pluses of methodology and digital tools which established opportunities about multimodal content. It brought to the forefront opportunities to share research results in a virtual environment and to have sustainability in providing rapid access to colleagues from universities and research centres in different countries. Andrea presented the word “mask saves (#mascarasalva) analysed by her in Brazilian context.
Professor Cornelia Ilie (the President and Establisher of ESTIDIA) evaluates the successful work of the research team. She comments on the presentations and contributions. Cornelia Ilie shared ideas on how to improve research in the future using methods which have proved their effectiveness and she informs about publications in the same spheres.

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